Please note, the Heirloom Bronze will only be available for Thanksgiving & Christmas (not for Easter).

JD Farms Specialty Heirloom Bronze Turkey is a premium brand broad-breasted turkey that is as plump and dark in appearance as it is hearty and full-bodied in taste. The specialty bird has received a great deal of international attention from foodies in the culinary world as well as from consumers with discerning palates who are looking for something different than the traditional turkey.

The Specialty Heirloom Bronze has a unique, light caramel colour and a fine texture all of its own. The Specialty Heirloom Bronze Turkey gives a rich, complex flavour that is more comparable to that of a their ancestors. Those qualities make this premium, broad-breasted turkey the perfect choice for the gourmet who is looking for a truly memorable dining experience.

The JD Farms Specialty Heirloom Bronze is also raised with the same integrity as the JD Farms Specialty Turkeys you have come to know and love. They are fed a special diet of grains with no animal by-products and are given no antibiotics. The difference in the bird’s diet and physical attributes clearly results in a more refined flavour.

In-Store Price : $4.99/lb