Smoked Turkey Products

Sausages, Salamis and smoked turkey breasts for lunches snacks and sandwiches. Slices or full
Turkey Salami$2.99/100g
Turkey Beer Sausage$2.99/100g
Turkey Lyoner$2.49/100 g
Black Forest Turkey$2.99/100g
Turkey Bacon$3.00/100g
Turkey Cottage Roll$2.42/100g
Pepperoni, Honey Garlic or Jalapeno Cheese Stick$2.49/100g
Turkey Pepperoni Sausage$2.99/100g
European Wieners$2.42/100g
Turkey Smokies- Assorted Varieties$2.42/100g
Turkey Jerky$7.70/100 g
Farmer Sausage$2.24/100g
Smoked Turkey Drumsticks$0.98/100g
Turkey Hot Dogs$19.99/kg