Turkey Parts

Turkey Backs$2.25/lb
Turkey Breast Cutlet
Turkey Necks$3.65/lb
Turkey Organs$3.80/lb
Turkey Drums$2.49/lb
Turkey Wings$2.49/lb
Turkey Legs$5.95/lb
Turkey Drumettes$3.49/lb
Boneless Turkey Thigh$8.10/lb
Turkey Thigh Bone-In$6.89/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast$11.01/lb
Turkey Breast Bone-In$8.56/lb
Cooked Turkey Breast- Whole$11.99/lb
Marinated Turkey Breast: Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Applewood BBQ, or Coconut Curry$11.99/lb
Mixed Ground Turkey$9.55/lb
Ground Turkey Breast$11.47/lb

Turkey Roasts

Stuffed Mixed Turkey Roast$11.79/lb
Stuffed Turkey Breast Roast$11.80/lb
Rolled Turkey Breast Roast$11.29/lb
Mixed Boneless Turkey Roast$11.79/lb
JD Farms Turkey Roasts are made with JD Farms stuffing, breast meat and thigh meat. Cooking Instructions: Cook from fresh or thawed for 30 minutes per pound until interior of roast reaches 80 degrees Celcius on inserted thermometer