How much do you feed a puppy versus an adult dog?

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dogThis has brought about a great question via our Facebook page.

How much to feed a puppy versus our regular feeding schedule for an adult dog, which is based on their weight?

And that’s a great question.

Puppies typically eat more than adults as they grow. Some puppies have been known to eat up to 9lbs of raw food in one day!

We recommend feeding 3x per day.

Put out 4 squares the first feeding.

JD Farms raw food for dogsYour pup may only eat half of it then come back in a while and eat more. After an hour you should be able to gauge how much your pup can handle in one feeding, then in the second feeding try 2 squares. If your pup cleans that up right away, give him 3 squares for the final feeding. You can gauge the amounts for each feeding on this.

If you feed this way for 6-8 months, your pup will have optimum growth and nutrition. If you can only feed once per day because of work and / or time constraints, you should over feed your pup for a day or two until you can see how much they really need and will eat.
Every dog is different, just like children. They will have growth spurts where they will consume more and other times where they will be stable until the next growth spurt.
It may be a bit more costly to raise a puppy this way, but we believe it will be beneficial to their overall health and for their optimal growth in the long run

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