For many of us the “main attraction” at our holiday dinner table will be a mouthwateringly luscious Turkey dinner. So, we’re here to remind you of the versatility of this “big bird”.

Christmas is a heartwarming tradition that sees our families coming together with a celebratory meal that involves traditional, “must-have” dishes. We’re talking about a special night of the year, in a season that focuses on giving…and we should consider our magnificent meal to be as much of a gift to our guests as anything else.

If you’re wanting a taste-bud popping, or more unique holiday feast this year, we have some inspiration just for you!

Traditional Roast Turkey – this is never a wrong road to take with your Christmas feast since this version will beautifully offset all the traditional Christmas table “fixings”. Bring the herbs, spices, flavours and aromas of Grandma’s kitchen to your home and savour the memories.

Our tip: Roast your turkey breast-side down for most, or all of, it’s roasting time.  This allows the juices to drip through the breast and offers a deliciously juicy white meat for your guests. (Cook breast side up for the last 30-45 minutes if you want a golden, crispy skin).

Crispy Bacon Basted Turkey – if you’re looking for a more indulgent, modern take on roast turkey, you may want to try this decadent and unique cooking method. For this tantalizing take on turkey you’ll compound a bacon butter in a food processor and slather it both under the skin and on top. For added drama, you can also weave bacon around your bird and let those beautiful juices really blend together during the roasting process.

Bacon butter compound

  • 6 rashers of bacon, chopped small
  • 140g butter
  • 1 tbsp of maple syrup


Lightly cook bacon, allow to cool, and then scrape the bits and drippings into your food processor. Add butter and syrup and mix together well. Spoon bacon butter into a dish and store in your refrigerator. Remove bacon butter from the fridge 20-30 minutes prior to applying it to your bird (room temperature butter will spread much more easily and evenly than chilled butter).

Grilled Turkey – using your trusted outdoor grill for your turkey will free up a ton of kitchen space for cooking veggies, mashed potatoes and baked casseroles. This cooking method is also gaining popularity, and you’ll find a profusion of great grilling recipes at your fingertips on the internet (thank you google!). Some experts will even argue that the crisp, smokiness of grilled turkey outshines the more traditional oven-roasted turkey.

Our tip: Grills can be less precise than ovens…so keep your trusted meat thermometer within reach and check your bird regularly. Meat can dry out faster on a grill, so you’ll want to be extra diligent with this cooking method. Also, make sure you have a device (tin foil and crafted by hand, if necessary) to catch all those luscious drippings for a truly divine gravy.

These are our top three favourite methods for cooking a truly fantastic Christmas turkey. But there are other methods you may want to consider if none of these strike your fancy. Many people also love a deep fried turkey (popular in the Southern parts of the US), or even braised turkey (for a more “Euro” feel). The bottom line is…turkey is a versatile bird that will take on, or enhance, any flavours you choose to spotlight at your Christmas feast. Enjoy and bon appetit.

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