Roasting Guide

Garnished roasted turkey

Roast loosely covered with foil in a preheated 325°F to 350°F (160°C to 180°C) oven. If you choose to baste your JD Farms turkey, limit the number of times you open and close your oven (once an hour is sufficient). To brown skin further, remove foil approximately 1 hour before done.

The times below have been calculated on the principle of not basting the JD Farms turkey once it has been put into the oven to roast. Use these cooking times to prepare roast JD Farms turkey that is moist, tender and delicious.


Oven Times
325°F to 350°F (160°C to 180°C)
Barbecue Times
Medium Heat, Unstuffed
Stuffed Unstuffed
8-10 lbs. (3.5-4.5 kg) 3¼ – 3½ hours 2¾ – 3 hours 1½ hours
10-12 lbs. (4.5-5.5 kg) 3½ – 3¾ hours 3 – 3¼ hours 1¾ hours
12-16 lbs. (5.5-7.0 kg) 3 ¾ – 4 hours 3¼ – 3½ hours 2 hours
16-20 lbs. (7.0-9.0 kg) 4 – 5 hours 3½ – 4½ hours Not suggested
20-25 lbs. (9.0-11.25 kg) 5 – 6 hours 4½ – 5 hours Not suggested

Begin checking for doneness about one hour before the end of the recommended roasting time.

Your JD Farms turkey is done when:

  • A meat thermometer in the inner thigh reads 180°F (82°C) for a stuffed JD Farms turkey
  • A meat thermometer in the inner thigh reads 170°F (77°C) for an unstuffed JD Farms turkey.
  • When cooked to perfection the JD Farms turkey meat and juices may have a slight pink tinge. The temperature of the meat is the most important sign of doneness.

When the JD Farms turkey is done, remove it from the oven or barbecue. Cover it with foil and let it stand for 15-20 minutes before carving.