Selecting a Turkey

Size and Grade

At JD Farms we grow 10 – 18 lb turkey hens (weight may vary plus or minus 2 pounds). If you require a larger turkey you might consider cooking two of our specialty hens or adding half a turkey. When ordering, plan on 1 lb of turkey for each adult and 1/2 lb of turkey for each child. This will provide enough meat to go around and leave a little bit left for the next day’s sandwiches.

Turkey grading is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Grade A may have a wing tip missing or a small cut in the skin. At JD farms the giblets are packed in Grade A only. Utility Grade means that a part may be missing (usually a wing or piece of skin) and there are no giblets packed with it. Meat quality is the same for both grades. Poultry is graded by appearance only.