JD Farms Soups and Stews are all Gluten Free
Turkey Chili$8.99/750ml
Vegetable Soup$8.99/750ml
Split Pea$8.99/750ml
Corn Chowder$8.99/750ml
Turkey Stew$8.99/750ml
Bean & Barley$8.99/750ml
Turkey Noodle$8.99/750ml
Cream of Turkey$8.99/750ml
Italian Wedding$8.99/750ml


Turkey and Side Salads
Turkey Dill SaladOur Turkey dill salad is filled with chopped turkey, celery, red peppers, dill and mayo.$2.40/100g
Turkey Thai SaladOur flavorful turkey Thai salad, is prepared using fresh vegetables, turkey breast, sesame seeds and is all tossed together in a delicious Thai sauce$1.59/100g
Turkey Pasta SaladOur pasta salad is made from scratch using a variety of fresh vegetables, cubed turkey breast, and topped with cheddar cheese. $1.49/100g
Greek SaladOur Greek salad is made in-house with fresh vegetables, drizzled in a Greek feta sauce, topped with crumbled feta and parmesan cheese. $1.59/100g
Potato SaladOur in-house made potato salad has all the things that made Mom's salad the best ever! Cubed potatoes, eggs, celery, seasonings and mayo$.89/100g