Turkey Parts

Turkey Backs$2.36/lb
Turkey Breast Cutlet
Turkey Necks$3.65/lb
Turkey Organs$3.99/lb
Turkey Drums$2.74/lb
Turkey Wings$2.74/lb
Turkey Legs$6.25/lb
Turkey Drumettes$8.99/pkg
Boneless Turkey Thigh$8.49/lb
Turkey Thigh Bone-In$7.23/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast$11.56/lb
Turkey Breast Bone-In$8.98/lb
Cooked Turkey Breast- Whole$12.99/lb
Marinated Turkey Breast: Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Applewood BBQ, or Sweet Chili Lime$11.99/lb
Mixed Ground Turkey$10.34/lb
Ground Turkey Breast$12.04/lb

Turkey Roasts

Stuffed Breast and Thigh Turkey Roast$12.40/lb
Stuffed Turkey Breast Roast$12.40/lb
Turkey Breast Roast$12.40/lb
Breast and Thigh Turkey Roast$12.40/lb
JD Farms offers four different turkey roasts. All roasts are rolled and netted. The four varieties are all breast meat, breast and thigh meat, breast meat with stuffing in the middle, or breast and thigh meat with stuffing in the middle. the stuffing is made in house, with JD Farms baked bread, onion, spices, and turkey stock.

Cooking Instructions: Cook from fresh or thawed for 30 minutes per pound until interior of roast reaches 80 degrees Celsius on inserted thermometer.